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 Sync-OT(Transmission & Rotating Machines Order Tracking System)


Sync-OT is an exclusive order-tracking system that tests excessive response, and related vibration
and acoustic signals.
It is designed in accordance with the Gearbox Test Standards for domestic automobile companies in particular. The system includes Data Manager Pro, a program that allows users to conduct comparisons between measured test data.

Sync-OT(Transmission & Rotating Machines Order Tracking System)

Product Name

Item Specifications and Features
Transmission Order Tracking Measurement System
Sensor Accelerometer 2, Microphone 1

Base Sampling Rate

51,200Hz (Max 102.4kHz)
Max Order Selectable (200-based)
Order bandwidth 0.5~1.0
Rpm Range 1,000rpm ~ 4,000rpm
FFT Length Selectable (2048-based)
Order Resolution 0.25 when 2048fft length and max 200ord.
Sensor Calibration
Contour Chart
Binary data Save/Load, ASCII Export
Print out


Product Specs. (v2.0)
Manual Gearbox Measuring Unit   V2.0 for entire gear range, integrated
Measuring Type  
  Manual/Auto (Fully-automated
  measurement by communication)
Sensor   Extract orders selectively
Chart   Real-Time Update
  1. Order Tracking Chart
  2. Contour Chart
Determination   Automatically determine NG or OK
Criteria Setting Method   Line, Area Method
Data Output   ASCII Export
  Support image formats

Modification of data format with
identical features
(First gear -> Entire gear range)



Manual Gearbox Only Line Method Excess area against criteria
2000rpm x dB and below
Automatic Gearbox
Vibration Acceleration (G): G 3 (dB)
(excess area is less than 3dB)
Velocity (V): V 3 (km/h)
(The velocity of the excess area is less than 3km/h)
Area (G x V): G x V 5 (dB x km/h)
(excess area is less than 5 dB x km/h)
Total excess area for entire section (S)
Only Line Method

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